The APN Needs Your Help!!!


From Chris Webster:

When I thought about starting a network I knew it would be a big job. I didn’t think it would get crazy and out of hand - but it did. Actually, what I thought was that I’d either find a bunch of people with a similar passion that would help me build this network into a profitable enterprise that also teaches people about archaeology and promotes our field, or, we’d be really good at marketing and sell ads and merchandise.

Well, we DO have a bunch of dedicated people but they are working on their own shows and don't really have the time or skill to help out with the things we really need to keep this going. They are focusing on making their shows awesome and we need them to keep at it. Tristan Boyle is the other co-founder and he’s a great help on social media but it’s really too much for one person to stay on top of. We also have Jose Cervantes helping out with the newsletter and that’s amazing too. Again, we need more or this isn’t going to last.

On December 1st, 2019 we turn 5. Five years and over 1500 episodes. That’s amazing! However, if we’re going to make the next five years work we need help! Below are the positions we need to fill. They are volunteer, but, with some work we can make them paid positions.

If we don’t fill these positions and start to turn a profit then we’ll considering scaling back the APN entirely on Dec. 1, 2019. Please don’t let us lose this valuable resource.


A producer is someone that researches guests, books them, and lets them know what to expect on the show. It involves keeping up on current events, emailing and calling scientists and authors, doing pre-show interviews to determine a fit, and scheduling for the interview. The Producer would also fill out our Trello cards for the shows and let the hosts know what’s up.

Right now I envision a producer having about 5 hours of work per week. We’d pay $20 an hour when we get to that point. But, we need content first.

Social media

We have Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I’ve been putting together short videos with audio from the shows but this is time intensive. I need someone to put together social media pieces and promote other episodes at the same time. I’d love to see something go out a few times a day but we can work up to that.

Right now, I envision this taking 5-10 hours per week, depending on how fast you are and how many we have doing it. We’d pay $20 an hour when we can, but, have to build up the network first.



This is the most important position we need. I just don’t have the skill to do it. I need someone that can approach companies and advertisers and sell the APN to them. We need advertisers, sponsors, and underwriters. The person for this job would put together short agreements, handle payment, and get the ad copy to the show hosts for recording. They would also plan and book the spots using our dynamic ad insertion platform, Megaphone.

This position would not have an hourly rate at first, but, would pay 40% of ad revenue received. When we hit certain monthly targets for revenue the percentage will drop, but, an hourly wage will be started so a base salary can be determined.


We are constantly trying to keep the APN fresh. I need people that can work with hosts on show art and on website design so we can keep the APN fresh and new.

This would be a volunteer position until we get the income for payment. Then we’re thinking $25 per hour.

So, that’s what we need and that’s what we can offer. All volunteers become lifetime members of the APN at the professional level and will get a swag package as well. It’s not much but it’s something. Please contact Chris via email at if you’re interested. Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your interest and passion for archaeological education and outreach.