Professional Member

The professional member level is for our seasoned archaeological professionals, those new in the field, and those just interested in learning more. We'll put world-class educational content at this level, taught be experts in the field.

  • Supporting Member Perks
  • Standard Member Perks
  • Swag!
    • At a minimum, you'll get a T-shirt and coffee mug. You'll get other swag as we add it to the store.
  • ALL Show Stickers
    • You'll get a sticker for EACH show on the APN!
  • Podcast Focus Group for New Shows
    • Be the first to hear the pilot for a new show and provide feedback. We'll also bring you new show ideas and listen to your ideas so you can help us design something that you think will be beneficial to yourself and others.
  • Learning Content and Professional Training
    • This is where the expert content and professional training will go.
    • Use these special shows to on-board new employees, level up your skills, or just learn something new.
    • Get everything at Team Black - including webinars.